CLEAN AND SHINE - Trust The Professionals
All our professional specialist teams are highly trained, mobile and well equiped with quality materials, equipments and machinery.  Below are some of the nice things our customers have said about our services.
'Excellent service, the house was cleaned to a very high standard. Would highly recommend Choices Professionals to anyone.'
Phillip Burns (Tottenham)
'I had cleaner out to me the next day after my party and he left the house spotless...This was the best decision I ever made'
Joanne Vercoe (Tooting)
'A good quality End of Tenancy job is done for us on a regular basis. Just maintain this standard of cleaning for us. Thank you'
Jon Bradley (Fulham)
'Our professional cleaners were very friendly, fast and efficient'
Vince Tong (Stratford)
'I would like to take this opportunity to say that we have been more than happy with the service you provide for us.'
Philipp Rogers (Leyton)
'From start to finish they have provided an excellent service. The cleaning has been done to a very high standard and all the tasks I have set have been completed on time and to my staisfaction'
Catherine Hale (Northcote Road)
'I am very impressed with Justin punctual and extremely thorough in his cleaning. He worked solidly throughout, managed to fit in a wide range of different tasks and showed great attention to detail - leaving things pristine'
Nicola Smith (Walthamstow)
Tips and Tricks for cleaning your home
Here you can find some good links for inside tips and tricks to clean your house to a high standard and remove stubborn stains.
General cleaning Tip
Buy an e-cloth. Tremendous product that cleans to multitude of surfaces without the need for chemicals e-cloth
Ring around shirt collars
Dirty neck rings around shirt or blouse collars can be removed by putting shampoo on them. Rub the shampoo in like you were washing your hair. Shampoo is specifically made to remove body oils. A cheap bottle of shampoo kept by the washing machine is handy for all kinds of stains in clothing.
Removing Candle Wax from Walls
Candle wax can be removed from walls or other surfaces with an iron and facial tissue. Set the tissue over the wax and gently iron. When the wax seeps through or the tissue begins to brown, apply a new tissue.
Cleaning Chrome
Coca Cola will clean chrome.
Removing Gum
Gum can be removed using ice to harden and a dull knife to remove.
Removing Smoke Odour
Place a bowl of vinegar out to absorb smoke odour.
Unstick That Door
Car wax applied to a sticking door will ease opening and closing.
Repairing Cigarette Burns in Carpets
Cigarette burns in carpeting can be repaired by cutting the blackened fibers from the hole. Squeeze liquid glue into the hole and fill with fibers trimmed from carpet remnants.
Drying Out Wet Magazines or Books
Place paper towels on both sides of a wet page to absorb the moisture and prevent wrinkling.
  • For more effective dishwashing, add a few tablespoons of vinegar along with the dishwashing detergent when washing dishes. The vinegar cuts the grease and leaves dishes sparkling
  • To clean up spills in your oven, sprinkle the spills immediately with salt. When the oven has cooled, brush away the burnt-on food with a damp sponge.
  • To disinfect smelly sponges, wash sponge thoroughly, then microwave it while it is wet, for a short period. When you see steam from the sponge, the bacteria in the sponge will be dead. Remove carefully, it will be hot! Wash the sponge thoroughly before use. **Make sure the sponge has no metal components!**
  • To remove hard-water and lime build-up in a teapot or kettle, pour in two cups of vinegar and bring to a boil. Let simmer for about 10 minutes, then rinse well.
  • To remove mineral deposits in a tea pot or burnt spots on a coffee pot, put some ice cubes, cut-up lemon, and salt with a tad water and swish around and let sit overnight.
  • To whiten an old stained sink, poor a half cup of salt in it and then scrub it with a lemon. Let it stand for a few minutes and rinse.
  • To remove skid marks on linoleum rub the spot with toothpaste before washing the floor.
  • To keep your plastic containers from getting stained from tomato based foods, rub the inside with vegetable oil before placing the food in the container.
  • Kitchen surfaces: Mix in spray bottle, 1 part ammonia to 3 parts water. Or try diluted bleach solution in a spray bottle. It will remove stains AND disinfect.
  • Removing kitchen and food odors: Soak pure vanilla on a cotton ball and place in a saucer. Put the saucer in the car or refrigerator to remove odors. Keep cotton ball out of reach of children as it contains some alcohol.
  • Odor producing mold and bacteria in garbage cans: sprinkle 1/2 cup Borax in the bottom of the garbage can.
  • Cleaning coffee maker: Pour straight vinegar into it as if you are making the coffee, no filter is need. Turn coffee maker on as if you were making a pot of coffee. Repeat this with a new batch of vinegar until it runs clear of calcium deposits.
  • Bars of soap too small to use effectively can be pressed into the sides of new bars softened by recent use.
  • Shower curtains can be renovated by being washed, on gentle cycle, with a pint of white vinegar.
  • If you have more than one bath to clean, keep separate cleaning supplies in each bathroom, that way you can clean the bath at a moments notice.
  • To clean tubs and showers use a product that contains phosphoric acid with no scrubbing involved. Buildup on shower doors: Wipe with lemon oil. Removes buildup and keeps doors protected longer from future buildup.
  • Removing mildew from shower or bath: 3 parts bleach and 1 part water -- put in spray bottle. Spray on mildew areas and it will virtually disappear.